Isis Pierre

Isis Pierre

Tell us a little about yourself and your business, Earth Nutrients, LLC.

I have always been an advocate for holistic health and opting for natural alternatives ever since I started my personal journey of mindfulness. Throughout my journey, I became a vegetarian and paid closer attention to my health and my internal/external environment. Studying health science during my undergrad years at Florida A&M University, I have applied my knowledge on nutrition, psychology and biological sciences to create something I hold near and dear to me, Earth Nutrients. Earth Nutrients is a self-care line that aims to make a difference in the everyday world through five principals. Self-love, Vitality, Clean ingredients, Self-care & Community.

What inspired you to start a self-care line?
Other than my experience of personal growth, I was inspired to start a business where I can cater to every aspect of self and the community as a whole. In my community, we are more prone to stress and more exposed to toxins in our everyday lives, so I wanted to create a platform where I can be of service to mitigate these issues all while providing organic self-care products we can feel good about using. Besides, most commercial skin care products we use are loaded with chemicals that has long-term health effects and causes our skin to be more irritable. Opting for cleaner ingredients is the safest way to eliminate these issues.
Name a challenge you’ve faced throughout your journey of building Earth Nutrients, LLC?How did you overcome it and RISE?

I had to become more tactical and learn of ways to manage my time and money in order to turn my dream into reality. Before starting my business, I let the thought of fear and self-doubt hinder my progress into becoming. What if I fail? Who would support me? Do I have enough time? Questioning the 5 w’s pushed me back even further because I wasn’t mentally prepared to take on risks. One way I overcame self-doubt is by creating a strong support system with people who are like-minded that I can confide in and share my ideas with. Having genuine support along the way is necessary in the process of entrepreneurship.



What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to start their own self-care line?

I would advise them to get super creative and lead with your ideas. Find the missing link in your community and work on ways to fill in the gap. Self-care is whatever feels right to you. Expand on your ideas and never give up.

Where can we purchase your products? (Website, Social Media, etc.)

You can visit my website at to purchase your self-care products.

And follow my instagram page for self-care tips, inspiration, and the latest updates on @earthnutrients_

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