Rachel Raysor-Henry

Rachel Raysor-Henry

Tell us briefly about yourself.
I am a License Practical Nurse and a Certified Trauma Professional. I have a story to tell and I’m currently writing a book about it. The book is entitled “I Am Royalty- Confronting Trauma and Healing”. I have been a victim of rape, molestation, and affected by loss. Through my trauma -filled life experiences I have chosen the path of healing rather than to continue destructive behaviors. My love for reading, poetry, therapy, my relationships with God, and just choosing to be intentional has helped me along my journey to where I am today.Today I am a Nurse. Today I am a wife. Today I am a mother. Today I am healed. Today I love me, and I just want that for someone else too. So, that is the reason for my upcoming book. If only I help one person, I will be “full”.

Name a challenge you’ve faced throughout your journey?
The triggers never go away. Through the years they have remained. So, as I sit and continue to write I am constantly being triggered and have to relieve my trauma. But, I know it will be all worth it.

What inspired you to share your story through your book, I Am Royalty - Confronting Trauma and Healing?
The more I talked about it with others the more healing came, and through journaling I realized I had something that not only could help me, but others.

How can we connect with you?
Instagram: Rachel_Raysor
Facebook: Rachel Raysor- Author

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