Sandra + Leah

Sandra + Leah

Tell us a little about yourself and your business, Sandra’s Divine Gems. Sandra’s Divine Gems is a black owned, mother-daughter business. We specialize in handcrafting uniquely designed crystal jewelry that is spiritually charged. The mission is to promote spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical wellbeing. Our motto is “Crystal Jewelry that is stylish and heals”. We create our own pieces that are for sale but we absolutely love and welcome custom orders. We do it all, waist beads, bracelets, loc jewelry, wrapped crystal necklaces, rings, earrings, and anything else you want us to bring to life!

What first led you in the direction of designing jewelry? Sandra has always been fascinated with crafting items as a creative, therapeutic outlet. From sewing clothes for her children to creating household decorations, it was pure bliss. Once she learned about the benefits of crystals, she dived into handcrafting crystal jewelry. She mainly made jewelry for herself and her daughter. After continuous compliments on her creations, her daughter finally encouraged her to make this into a business. Thus on January 27, 2020 Sandra's Divine Gems was birthed. On April 21, 2020 Sandra's Divine Gems LLC was made official. In order to help with the work load, Leah decided to dive into jewelry making as well and fell in love. Now Sandra and her daughter, Leah, handcraft beautiful crystal jewelry with a divine touch.

What does a typical day look like for you as a jewelry designer? If I have orders to fulfill I’ll write out the order details and place all in chronological order of when it was received/placed. As the creations are completed, I check them off the list. I can usually finish them from as early as same day request was received or by end of week. I then will cleanse with sage and fresh rosemary from the garden, allow it to charge in sunlight/moonlight(full and new moons), and infuse with love and positivity. This preps it to receive the customers intentions/energies they want to manifest into their reality. This process sets the crystals back to its natural vibration. This is important because during the manufacturing and handling process, it could’ve absorbed unwanted energies due to it being handled by various people prior to getting to the customer.

What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewelry? Inspiration comes from a variety of things such as color combinations I want to try out, energy combinations that work well with each other, experimenting with innovative jewelry styles, or seeing an image/design and bringing to life via wire wrapping. I let my brain visualize whatever it wants, and then I execute. I use popular themes/topics as well to guide what I decide to create such as the chakra system and the zodiac/astrology info. I absolutely love custom orders because it really allows my creativity to shine.I can take a general concept such as, the customer only providing the colors they want but not knowing exactly how it should be designed, and bring life and detail to it.


Name a challenge you’ve faced throughout your journey. How did you overcome it and RISE?

The challenge I’ll say is when I first created my LLC and I received notices from non governmental establishments requesting a fee for some documents “required” for LLC. I got caught up in the excitement of making the business official that I didn’t do my research prior to sending in the money. Some of them turned out to be scams. I attempted to have USPS intercept a money order sent to Tallahassee but for whatever reason they said they were not able to do so. I overcame by just accepting that it happened, not surprised since I didn’t take the time like I usually would to ensure the establishment is legitimate. I was already aware I had novice knowledge on business, just knew I needed to answer to the calling without questioning it too much, just going on faith. However, in that scenario I should’ve taken more precautions.

What advice would you give aspiring jewelry designers?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, if you have an image in your head try it out in reality, you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome! Even if it doesn’t come out expected, learn from it and see how to improve. It should be a therapeutic task filled with enjoyment for you. I would advise refrain from creating while overwhelmed because you may risk producing a low quality product. Also, don’t feel ashamed if you get inspiration from another jewelry designer, take it and make it your own! After all, a lot of the things we do are recycled ideas, but what makes it unique is your own personal touch/creativity. Also, if you have a vision in your head but not exactly sure how to do it, don’t be afraid to go to YouTube for guidance.

What is the best way to connect with you? (Social media networks, Website, etc.)

IG: @sandras_divine_gems FB: Sandra’s Divine Gems Website:


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