Shaqueria Howard

Shaqueria Howard

Tell us about yourself and your business 5 STAH MEDIA, LLC.
I have worked in Public Relations for over 5 years with companies like Midori Star
Media Group, The Lip Bar, Slip N Slide Records, GoodGirlPR, and etc. With that
experience, I was able to build a trustworthy company for potential and current clients. This business is special to me because it has been a dream that I assumed would be halted by my parental duties. It is my passion to provide resources for business owners and I want to continue to help others feel a sense of completion with their goals!

5 STAH MEDIA LLC was created when I found power in my full name/initials (S.T.A.H) after years of feeling insecure by its length and pronunciation. We pride ourselves on providing 5 STAR RESULTS to all of our clients. We offer services such as: graphic design, social media marketing, content creation, image consultating, business development, and etc. One of our long term goals is to provide entry level professionals in this field opportunities to grow their careers.

Name a challenge you’ve faced throughout your journey of starting 5 STAH MEDIA, LLC? How did you overcome it and RISE?
I face the work/life balance challenge everyday. I gave up on my dream to be a
business owner because I thought being a mom would be so demanding that I wouldn't have time to own a business.

What I didn't know is that being a mommy would empower me to want to achieve my dreams for her! My family is an amazing support system too. Without them, I don't know how stressful being a mom/fiance, running a business, and working full time would be on my mental health. I am blessed to have their support. Lastly, when I chose to begin sharing my story, and providing services as 5 STAH MEDIA LLC, it was refreshing and worth it!


What does a typical day look like for you as a working professional and business
A typical day for me is busy, busy! I am constantly on emails, from the moment I wake up until I lay down. I work my 8 to 5 and when as soon as I am off I dive deep in an influx of emails, follow ups and phone calls for 5 STAH MEDIA LLC. Weekends are full but I schedule emails and posts so I can have some relaxation!

What advice would you give those aspiring to work in the public relations
If you have a passion for public relations, and you know that you have what it takes to survive in this industry DO NOT GIVE UP. No matter the cost. I have interned with the best of the best, and all of those accolades and recommendation letters gave me the courage to start my own company. If you  have that same dream, keep pushing for it. Also, the biggest regret I have is not keeping up with the connections I made over the course of my internships and classes. Please stay connected with everyone you meet in the PR world! It helps immensely when you start your business! Track everything too!

What is the best way to connect with you? (Website, Social Media, etc.)
Follow us on IG, Twitter & Facebook: @5stahmedia

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