Trenice J. Brinkley

Trenice J. Brinkley

Tell us about yourself and your business(es).

I'm Trenice J. Brinkley, a wife and mother dedicated to helping my family build a legacy of success. “I enjoy telling compelling thought-provoking stories that engage readers and create brand visibility.” I'm a U.S. based Chief Communication Officer/ Publicist at Two Queens Media. And your go-to expert for brands and talents seeking coverage in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and /or France. Also known as Chi Meechieono, I'm a seasoned public relations/media professional with over 20 years of experience as the co-owner of the full-service public relations, publishing, and talent agency Two Queens Media. and event strategy are all areas of specialization. Trenice is an alumna of both Georgetown University and Cornell University, and holds several professional certifications.

At Two Queens Media (TQM), our mission is to CREATE brand-building opportunities that INITIATE ideas to engage brands and consumers that lead to partnerships. We believe in “Your Brand is Our Business”. TQM is a full-service public relations, publishing, and talent agency that is committed to advancing business, sports entertainment, content curators, writers, and more. At TQM, we work with clients from launch to market. We specialize in brand exposure, media/entertainment promotions, and product placement. Our industry knowledge and experience has paved a way for us to connect, create, and inspire brands to transition into industry innovators becoming household names.


Name a challenge you've faced throughout your journey? How did you overcome it and RISE?

Part of my job as a PR professional is to find new clients. Having been in business for quite some time, Two Queens Media has a solid reputation. We have been fortunate enough to have a steady flow of clients since Covid 19; our policy is that we only work with clients that can benefit from our services. Since the pandemic, we haven’t been able to service our clients in person; however, since we serve international clients virtually, converting to a full virtual model was simple. One obstacle we faced was having potential clients who wanted Public Relations and had a great story but they did not have the budget or maybe they hadn’t developed their business and/or product to convey a compelling story. As a result, we helped companies resolve these issues by providing them with a PR audit to assess what was needed to continue working with Two Queens Media. 


What does a typical day look like for you as a working professional and business owner?

There are no two days that are alike. A typical day consists of me checking my emails, listening to the morning news, reviewing reports, creating press releases and/or other media communications. I also communicate with representatives of the community, consumers, employees, or public interest groups. Finally, research, research, and more research. Despite the amount of work Public Relations requires, I enjoy it because of the fast pace of the entertainment industry and seeing my clients succeed.

What is the best way to connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is to schedule an appointment on the Two Queens Media website. Another option is connecting with me on Instagram @twoqueensmedia. 

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